Our aim is that through, High Performance Coaching & Facilitation (inner and outer games), LEGO SERIOUS PLAY®, we enable you as an individual, a teams and an organisations to develop your full potential.

Performance = potential-interference
Through the use of coaching and experiential learning, we will enable individuals, teams, organisations and communities to begin and sustain the growth, change and potential they desire.

We are here to help and inspire you on your journey to what you want out of life, both personally and professionally, your goals, your desires, your passions, your dreams, your success.

True change begins within, it is owned and chosen by you ….

Change your thinking … Realise your dreams … Shape your future the way you want it to be …

Company Profile

INSIGHT FACTORY (IF) was founded by Alan Branagh

Born out of the 35 + years in Information Technology where the success and failure of technology change was always dependant on an individuals ability and desire to embrace the new world.

Through Coaching & High Performance Management we enable behavioural and cultural transformation, high performance and sustainable change.

Learning is FUN and IMAGINATION, a mixture of inbound and outbound interaction to engage all the senses and coaching is at the heart of our approach.

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