What Is Inner Game Coaching?

Inner Game Coaching as defined by Tim Gallwey is at the core of our approach.
“There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make the difference between success and failure in the outer game.”
Tim Gallwey.

Performance = potential-interference, P=p-i.

  • According to this formula, performance can be enhanced either by growing “p” potential or by decreasing “i,” interference.
  • In every human endeavor there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the inner. The outer game is played on an external arena to overcome external obstacles to reach an external goal.
  • The Inner Game provides principles, methods, and tools to learn to get out of your own way so you can express your full potential in whatever your chosen activity
  • The inner game takes place within the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions.
  • The inner game is played to overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential.

Uses of Inner Game Coaching

  • All individual and team sports
  • Acting, writing, art, music
  • The arts of leading, managing, and coaching
  • The art of selling
  • Parenting
  • Communication and relationships
  • Learning of all kinds, academic and experiential
  • Stress reduction
  • Health
  • Diet
  • Computer design, use, and applications
  • Surgery
  • Advanced structural engineering