Case Study 2 – 2 year programme and ongoing


Consumer regulator in the Public Sector – organisation of approx 65 people across 8 regions, Centralised head office in London , Government appointed part time Chairmen, and 100 appointed part time members and a in London.

Services Offered:

  • One To One Coaching – National Director, Regional Directors and Deputies
  • Top Team Development – Goals, Purpose and Mission
  • Management Development Programme – Senior Team in head office and Regional offices
  • Change Management programme over 2 years and Ongoing
  • 360 ° Performance Management process for Staff and Government appointed members

Strategic & Financial Gains

  • Developed an approved Strategic Plan
  • Maintained and increased funding from Government
  • Major internal reorganisation and appointment of Directors
  • Developed and instigated a centralised Customer Service Centre
  • Published a new Consumer Charter