High Performance Management

A Powerful behaviour based Change Process integrating High Performance Management and Performance Coaching.

This is a programme which works at a cognitive level within the individual ensuring ownership, awareness and responsibility.

  • We address both “Intrinsic” and “Extrinsic” motivation
  • Our change methodology addresses:-
  1. A = Activators for change
  2. B = Behaviours desires by the organisation, team or individual
  3. C = Consequences that are positive for all concerned.
  • Behaviour is a function of its consequences
  • This is a systemic, data-based approach to managing people.
  • It employs measurement, feedback and positive reinforcement to
    achieve specific behaviours and results.
  • Uses coaching at the core of the process

Answers 2 fundamental questions

  1. Why people do what they do
  2. Why people don’t do what they should.


Within 6 months of implementing High Performance Management

  • Manufacturer of Electrical Distribution Equipment
  • 95 % productivity improvement in the Capstan Shop
  • 77 % productivity improvement in the Light Machine Shop
  • 26 % productivity improvement in the Shot Blast Section
  • 20 % productivity improvement in the Press Shop
  • 37 % reduction in work in progress in the Ring Main Section

The Coaching Process

  • Free Introductory meeting to assess the coaching contract.
  • The contract will commit you to working with the coach for 6 (1 hourly) sessions over a 3 month period (dates to be agreed by Client and Coach)
  • Additional coaching sessions can be arranged during this 3 month period.
  • On completion of the initial 3 month period, If required, the coaching sessions will convert to a month-to-month basis with 2 sessions per month.
  • Rates agreed on application.