Executive coaching

This is a powerful executive coaching service that enables leaders of organisations to attain and surpass their goals and dreams.
One to One coaching for Executives and their teams.

Executive coaching addresses:

  • Leadership Style
  • Strategy & Logistics
  • Politics
  • Prioritisation
  • Relationships
  • Rethinking and defining the future
  • Sustaining Change
  • Team Working / Working together
  • Personal Challenges
  • Job
  • Career
  • Work/Life Balance

The Coaching Process

  • Free Introductory meeting to assess the relationship fit
  • The contract will commit you to working with the coach for 6 (2 hourly) sessions over a 3 month period (dates to be agreed by Client and Coach)
  • Additional coaching sessions can be arranged during this 3 month period
  • On completion of the initial 3 month period, If required, the coaching sessions will convert to a month-to-month basis with 2 sessions per month
  • Rates agreed on application