Personal coaching

This is a powerful and confidential One to One “Business & Lifestyle” coaching service that enables you to attain and surpass your goals and dreams. – Stop deferring your life and take action.

Types of Personal Coaching

  • Tele – Coaching – One to One coaching by Telephone
  • Facetime – Coaching – One to One coaching Face to Face
  • Email – Coaching
  • Career – Coaching
  • Raising Your Game – Coaching

Coaching Principles

Coaching is not therapy or counseling and coaching in no way replaces the advice or diagnosis of a healthcare professional.

The results of coaching sessions are dependent on your own willingness to follow through with the suggestions, guidance and instruction which the coach will give you; the responsibility for making a difference is yours alone, and the coach can only facilitate this process.

The long term results of coaching depend on you focusing on what you want rather than on what you don’t want.

The Wheel of Life is used to focus the areas of exploration.

The Coaching Process

  • Free Introductory meeting to assess the coaching contract.
  • The contract will commit you to working with the coach for 6 (1 hourly) sessions over a 3 month period (dates to be agreed by Client and Coach)
  • Additional coaching sessions can be arranged during this 3 month period.
  • On completion of the initial 3 month period, If required, the coaching sessions will convert to a month-to-month basis with 2 sessions per month.
  • Rates agreed on application.